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If any of you are regular followers, you will have noticed my long hiatus from this blog.  For that, I do apologize.

The last year of my life has been filled with some significant changes; some were not so great, while others have been amazing.  They all have brought their own challenges and adventures.

The most significant change in my life has been the most challenging but also the most amazing.  I left my teaching job in Texas to pursue my PhD in Theatre History and now live in Southern Illinois.  Yeah; it’s been a big change.  If I thought I didn’t have time to cook and maintain a blog while teaching, it’s been nothing like the last six months of my life.  The few hours a day I don’t have to be in front of a computer are very precious and I take full advantage of them.

On the other hand, the opportunity to live in and experience a different part of the country has been such a wonderful adventure (especially for my culinary skills)!  The region in which we now live has been referred to as “Little Egypt” because of its fertile soil and abundant farmland.

For the first time in my life, I live somewhere that has a REAL open-air farmer’s market!  It runs from April to November and is amazing.  Within a week of moving to the area, the Saturday morning farmer’s market became an integral part of my weekly grocery shopping.  The produce is incredible (and inexpensive), the people are friendly and helpful, and there is a sense of community that pervades the market.  I have learned more about the importance of ecological farming and supporting farmer’s markets in the last few months than I ever thought I would.  Because the produce is so fresh, tasty, and inexpensive I am slowly incorporating more and more vegetarian/vegan dishes into my repertoire and it has been great (so, be on the look-out for some of these great recipes)!

Another fun adventure to living in this region is the fact that it is surrounded by wineries.  The rich soil that is so conducive to farming is also perfect for the growing of grapes, as is the warm summer and cool fall weather.  Southern Illinois wines are generally on the sweeter side but are unique and quite wonderful.  I have spent a few beautiful Saturday afternoons exploring the multiple wineries scattered throughout the area.  Much like the farmer’s market, the people who run the wineries are ALWAYS friendly and knowledgeable.  The drive is always stunning and the wineries themselves are relaxing and fun.  As an added bonus, it is not uncommon for local bands to play at these wineries.

Though I now REALLY live in an area that was practically custom made for this blog, I do have to admit that the long hiatus probably won’t be a rarity.  I am closing in on the end of my winter break and will soon be back in the trenches of school work.  I will make a more concerted effort to post more often, though they may be much more abbreviated.  I may take a different direction and simply focus more on recipes as opposed to my previous format.  I will, however, try to include some posts about the local wines.

For now, thank you to those who have stuck with me.  Hopefully, I can return to this blog more often than I have in the recent past.

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  1. mom says:

    i love you so much, and it makes me SO happy when you are happy! Now, hitch up and study!!!

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