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Welcome to Food, Wine, Rock & Roll, a food blog for people who love to cook, drink, and dance (preferably simultaneously). You will find recipes for all levels of home cooking, thoughts on and recipes for current favorite adult beverages, underscored by the soundtrack of my life.

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My husband’s great-grandmother was a vegetarian and raised him on lentils; he LOVES them.  Until finding this recipe, I had never cooked lentils or made a true “from scratch” home-made soup.  However, what attracted me to this recipe was neither the draw of making my... (more...)

This stew is incredibly easy, quite inexpensive, and makes a hearty, filling, and incredibly satisfying meal.  It also makes great left-overs; the flavors will continue to mingle and grow richer over time. This is a perfect dish when you are short on time and/or cash.  I generally like... (more...)

As a returning college student, one of my more recent concerns is super healthy food that can be cooked quickly, makes a ton of food (left-overs are my friend), is super filling, and is really easy on the budget.  In the area in which I live, that means anything vegetarian.  In this... (more...)

Sausage Hash

February - 11 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Looking for a dish that is super simple and inexpensive to make, warms your insides with its Cajun spice and comfort, and leaves amazing left-overs that can be quickly reheated throughout the week?  Well, look no more because this is your dish!  I think Andouille sausage is amazing for... (more...)

I love this dish for so many reasons.  Not only is it the epitome of comfort food, the slow heat of the green chiles in this dish make it something that will keep you warm and satisfied.  I also love it because the poblano peppers and jalapenos immediately take me back to the southwest... (more...)


January - 28 - 201220 COMMENTS

My husband and I both love Korean food.  When we lived in a more metropolitan area, we were able to go out about once a month to a great little Korean restaurant and eat until we thought we would explode.  Unfortunately, the area in which we now live does not have a single Korean restaurant. ... (more...)


January - 21 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

This is not a recipe for someone who is new to cooking or isn’t willing to spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen; be prepared to spend around 2 hours working on the prep & another hour in the actual cooking.  In the end, though, the time and effort are worth it,... (more...)

If any of you are regular followers, you will have noticed my long hiatus from this blog.  For that, I do apologize. The last year of my life has been filled with some significant changes; some were not so great, while others have been amazing.  They all have brought their own challenges... (more...)

Red Beans & Rice

February - 8 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

I love Cajun food and could eat it at least once a week for the rest of my life.  There’s just something about the heat in the spices of Cajun that I find comforting.  It’s perfect on a cold night or on a hot day with a cold beer.  For years I had used boxed or bagged mixed... (more...)

As I’ve mentioned before, I love mushrooms and could eat them every day.  I also love pasta dishes.  So when I found this recipe that combined both of my loves, I had to try it.  The original recipe called for a packaged mix of pre-sliced mushrooms called the “exotic mushroom... (more...)